It is an unfortunate reality that there will be people who try to take advantage of businesses to the point that they go as far as to commit a fraudulent act against the business. It is important for business owners in Connecticut to recognize when they have been the victim of business fraud, so they can take the appropriate actions if necessary.

Businesses, just like people, can be the victim of identity theft. For example, a person could access the business’ financial statements, tax identification number or information stored on the business’ computer and then use that information to access the business’ credit.

Payroll fraud often comes from the very employees of the business itself. For example, a worker could ask for an advance on their pay, and then not pay the advance back. Other times workers might make misrepresentations on their timesheets. Workers may even have someone else clock in for them, and then not show up for work.

For retail businesses, return fraud can be an issue. A customer might buy something, use it, and then return it even if it still in good working condition. Other times a person might steal something from the business and then try to return it.

Whether it is stolen assets, money, property or services, businesses that have been the victim of fraud may need to consider taking legal action if appropriate. People who commit fraud will try to hide the stolen assets and their identity. It sometimes takes the assistance of professionals who are experienced in investigating and uncovering fraud for businesses to recover what was taken. Businesses that have been the victim of fraud may benefit from seeking legal advice.