In the face of ever-changing technology and increasing competition, businesses in Connecticut must continually seek new ways to deliver value to their customers while also protecting their customers. Data breaches have become far too common and this has made many entities look for better ways to secure information and identities. Biometrics may well offer some assistance in this arena.

As explained by security expert Kaspersky, biometrics are essentially physical or behavioral characteristics that are unique to each individual. Even in the case of identical twins, their biometric data will not be identical. Without even knowing it, many consumers today have already used biometric authentication if they have a cell phone that unlocks with a thumbprint or with a facial recognition scan.

While many herald biometrics as a better alternative to user names and passwords, some are concerned about the security and privacy of these measures. CSO Online reported on the results of a study by Spiceworks in which 48% of companies interested in the use of biometrics were concerned about impact of biometric data being stolen from their systems.

Others have voiced concerns about the privacy of individuals when they provide biometric information to a company. The manner in which the information is consented to, stored and managed may well be a growing topic within the technology and business worlds. Hackers have also been known to be able to break through some systems and it is known to be relatively simply to clone a fingerprint. One of the ways that biometrics may offer the best protection is when multiple biometrics are collected.