A Connecticut inventor has filed a claim in U.S. District Court in an effort to collect royalties that were claimed to have been owed to him. This individual states that he designed what is called the Laser sailboat, and that he was owed more than $200,000 plus interest concerning licensing agreements he had established with various Laser manufacturers back in 2011.

In his complaint, he asserts a number of contract breaches, counterfeiting, trademark infringements, and a number of other misappropriation violations. He also alleges that the manufacturers continued marketing his design, even though he terminated the manufacturers’ rights to continue building the sailboats.

The lawsuit is complicated in that, though the inventor owns the building rights concerning the boat, a company called Laser Performance owns the name “Laser.” It will yet need to be seen if the filing of this lawsuit will affect Laser Performance’s continual use of that name.

Business and commercial attorneys will require great familiarity with many different branches of law when it comes to trying lawsuits such as this. The resolution of this lawsuit will likely revolve around the language of contracts signed by the inventor and the various parties named in the lawsuits, the specific design that is supposedly being infringed upon, and past business dealings between all of the parties.

There’s a very good chance that such a lawsuit will be resolved before it is ever tried in court. Often enough, a compromise between the parties is in the best interest of everyone as litigation can prove to be costly. Whatever the circumstances, attorneys need to be able to articulate their client’s legal rights to other parties and in front of a jury.

Source: Trade Only Today, “Laser sailboat designer sues for past royalties,” April 18, 2013

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