man reading book-thumb-250x189-14285.pngIf you are a Connecticut business owner, you have the right to see the books!

Raymond Law Group LLC regularly represents clients seeking full access to the company books and records. Here are the most important things to know:

1. Whether you are an owner of a corporation; Limited Liability Company (LLC); or partnership; the law in Connecticut gives you the right to view the company books and records. See the following non-stock corporations – Conn. Gen. Stat. §§ 33-1235 et seq.; partnerships – Conn. Gen. Stat. §33-337; see also inspections by shareholders – Conn. Gen. Stat. §§ 33-945 et seq.

2. Look to Your appropriate business agreement to identify the specific contract language that applies, if any;

3. Make a written request / demand to see the records in a manner consistent with the operating agreement and applicable statute;

4. If your demands are ignored; you may consider hiring an attorney. Your lawyer may file an action in the superior court to compel management to produce requested records.

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