With privacy concerns and increasing regulations, Connecticut organizations without a cybersecurity strategy may find themselves the target of high-tech criminals. If your company suffered data loss due to privacy law violations or failed a compliance audit, your company may be liable. At Raymond Law Group, our privacy policy attorneys often assist clients in creating a comprehensive security plan.

Security magazine reports that there are several actions you can take that minimize the risk of a security breach. Addressing the following areas can help you protect your network.

Scanning physical devices connected to the network can help keep data safe. However, to correctly diagnose each piece of equipment, the IT department should take the purpose of each device, its features and settings into account. In some cases, security features set off red flags in scans. Understanding the necessity and security is necessary to avoid problems.

Maintaining catches and updates are crucial for cybersecurity strategies. They address newly identified and known vulnerabilities. Organizations with a robust security plan assign the responsibility of staying up to date to specific individuals or teams.

Replacing equipment, such as surveillance cameras and systems, can reduce the chance of them being vulnerable in an attack. Updating the entire ecosystem in one shot can be expensive and labor-intensive. Cycling through a percentage of equipment every few years can help your business stay protected and take advantage of the latest cybersecurity features.

Safeguarding the supply chain can prevent an attack from coming from that vector. Using products that offer signed firmware, TPM and secure boot features prevents code tampering between the device manufacture date and deployment.

Staying current on documentation regarding cyber threats and making security a priority can help you comply with the complex, ever-changing regulations. An attorney familiar with requirements can help you develop and follow a security plan. Visit our webpage for more information on this topic.