Apple has been wrapped up in another serious lawsuit that alleges patent infringement; and unlike their duel with Samsung, this legal battle did not go their way.

VirnetX Holding Corp. sued Apple for infringing their patents covering a domain-name service when setting up a VPN network. FaceTime, Apple’s video chat service, allows users to create virtual private networks that VirnetX says violates their patent.

As a result, Apple was ordered by a Texas court to pay VirnetX a whopping $368.2 million for their offense. This case is far from “new” — it was filed back in 2010, when VirnetX also won a $200 million verdict after they sued Microsoft for a similar patent violation.

However, maybe Apple’s reaction to this most recent lawsuit will fare better than their reaction to a portion of their Samsung lawsuit. Apple decide to comply with a panel’s ruling in the United Kingdom (where it was found that a Samsung Galaxy tablet did not infringe on the design Apple’s iPad) by posting a sarcastic acknowledgement of the ruling on the UK portion of its website. The computer giant received some negative press for the act, and the panel reiterated its ruling; forcing Apple to repost a more serious and straightforward acknowledgement online.

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Source: PC Mag, “Apple Ordered to Pay $368.2 Million in FaceTime Patent Case,” Chloe Albanesius, Nov. 7, 2012

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