The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) regulations are currently in the process of being revised and are due to be issued in March of 2013. Among other things, the regulations are expected to extend leave for caregivers in the military to employees whose family members are in the military who are sick or injured. The regulations will also create changes to require employees to take leave in specified increments.

Obviously, Connecticut employers should ramp up on the new regulations and create policies accordingly. Training should be implemented and be willing to implement the changes very quickly to avoid the potential of employment litigation or employment related disputes revolving around the FMLA.

It is always best to head off disputes before these even begin. Attorneys that are experienced in the area of employment law are familiar with the most recent statutes that are going in to place, and can advise employers as to steps that need to be taken to avoid litigation.

Especially, these attorneys can create various policies and procedures for the company that can become a part of the employee handbook for the business or corporation. And if a claim has been filed with the court, attorneys can negotiate with the employee or that employee’s attorney to come to an acceptable resolution.

Unfortunately, employment litigation can be costly for a company and harm a company’s reputation. A member of the military that is pregnant or has a spouse that is pregnant is going to garner the sympathy of the public and the courts. The same is more correct if a spouse that has served our country is sick or wounded.

Source:, “Final FMLA regulations coming: Get ready,” by Susan Schoenfeld, J.D., Jan 15, 2013