Businesses throughout the country and Connecticut made the digital move. To digitize your company results in convenience for you and your employees. Unfortunately, with the good, there are downfalls also. You risk losing company data when you use computer systems. This does not mean that you should give up digitizing your business! It is better to have your data in a computer system or on your network. After all, GXA suggests that data loss is preventable. Here is what you need to know to protect your data.

The best way to retain your data is to protect your data. You need to back up your files regularly and advise that your employees do the same. There is critical data that requires you to back it up every week. In addition, test your backups. The last thing that you need is for the backup to fail.

If you need to, you can also encrypt sensitive data. When you encrypt data, then no one can access it unless they have permission to. With encryption, it is crucial to discuss any weaknesses in your data security. Where is your business the most vulnerable? Discovering your vulnerabilities can open the door to data loss solutions.

Businesses may also turn to anti-virus software to defend against hacking or phishing. Phishing schemes are among the biggest threats to a company’s data. Make sure your employees know how to spot a phishing scheme and how to defend against them.

The above information is meant to inform on data loss prevention. It is not to be interpreted as legal advice.