Contract disputes are inherently complicated cases. When an individual or a company accuses another person or entity of breach of contract, each side is going to think that they are in the right. Because of this very reason, it is vital for the parties involved in a contract dispute to secure legal representation. Consulting an experienced business lawyer can help you protect your rights and ensure that you are going about the case in the right way.

Now, even though contract disputes are complex, the following story is one of the more extreme cases you are ever likely to read. It involves the rapper Nas, the country of Angola and a concert promoter and organizer who was jailed, along with his son, in the African nation.

Here’s what we know: the concert promoter brought Nas on board to do a concert in Angola for New Year’s 2012. Nas accepted, but apparently the promoter struggled to get Nas a $300,000 fee that was agreed to as a part of the concert contract. However, a couple of days before the concert, the promoter got Nas the money — but it was too late. Nas did not make his flight, and the concert was cancelled.

The promoter and his son were already in Angola, preparing for the concert. When Nas did not show, they were detained for nearly two months. Eventually they were freed; but the promoter suffered significant financial damage due to the ordeal, and his son apparently suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The two reached a settlement with Nas over the $300,000 — Nas gave back the full amount, and in return, the father-son duo would not pursue further legal action. Now, the two are forgoing that agreement, filing a $10 million lawsuit against Nas.

Source:, “Nas lawsuit: Attorney says N.J. man’s $10 million claim against rapper should be tossed,” Brendan Kuty, May 2, 2013