Lowering the cost of business litigation and improving results will be a continuing focus of this blog. If you want a “cheat sheet” on how to quickly orient to the current debate about how to save costs and improve results, here are a few resources to get you up to speed.

With all that’s going on right now, including: Alternative Fee Arrangements, Legal Project Management, The ACC Value Challenge, and Legal Lean SigmaTM…It is an exciting time to be in the law business. Never has there been a greater opportunity for law firms and the clients they serve to “get it right”. The converse is also true. Those who fail to adjust to the demanding changes in the legal market place will suffer greatly and soon.

You could attend the upcoming Boston Bar Association’s program on “Alternative Fee Arrangements and Effective Use of Outside Counsel”. Featured speakers include Danny Ertel of Vantage Partners and John Kenneth Felter of Ropes & Gray LLP. If you want to really focus you can consider attending one of the certification programs which have recently become available. Two nationally recognized programs had their start right here in the Commonwealth. Legalbizdev.com headed by consultant Jim Hassett is based in Boston and offers both free resources and a formal certification program known as The Certified Legal Project Manager TM. Another Massachusetts-based law consultancy – Legal Sales and Service Organization “LSSO” offers basic (White Belt Certification) and more advanced (Yellow Belt) Legal Lean Sigma ℠ process improvement courses. Both programs boast some heavy-hitter endorsements for their programs.

The Council on Litigation Management- CLM is a national organization which is dedicated to improving litigation management and is open to corporations, insurers, attorneys and professionals who focus on improving efficiencies. CLM offers publications, local programs and national conferences to advance litigation management.

Additional web sources include the Linked-In Group – Alternative Fee Lawyers which I founded in 2008; Pat Lamb’s blog In Search of Perfect Client Service; Jay Shepard’s The Client Revolution and Kowalski & Associates Blog.

If you like paper, you may consider:

“Winning Alternative to the Billable Hour, Third Edition ABA law Practice Management Section”, By Mark A. Robertson and James A. Calloway, and “Legal Project Management: Control Costs, Meet Schedules, Manage Risks, and Maintain Sanity” By Steven B. Levy.

Stay tuned for more posts on managing business litigation.