Businesses big and small all run the risk of one day being served with a lawsuit. While this can be a stressful experience that impacts business owners and the viability of the business itself, it’s something that can be overcome with the right legal help. The following are some common lawsuits business owners in Connecticut might face.

One common lawsuit is breach of contract. Contracts are binding agreements in which both parties agree to exchange something of value with one another. If the terms of the contract are not followed, it could give rise to a lawsuit.

Torts are another type of lawsuit business owners may face, especially if they invite customers or clients onto their premises. For example, a grocery store owner could face a slip-and-fall lawsuit from an injured customer or an employee could cause a car crash while operating a company-owned vehicle.

Claims involving intellectual property rights are also common. Trade secrets, patents and copyrighted materials may be among the most valuable assets a business owns. If a business is accused of stealing intellectual property, it could lead to a lawsuit.

Being served with a lawsuit is a troubling experience for business owners, but it is not uncommon. Business owners facing a lawsuit may want to seek legal assistance so they can learn more about their rights and options. With so much at stake, whether it is a claim brought by a customer, client, employee or another business, business owners will want to do what is necessary to keep their doors open. Business litigation attorneys in Connecticut understand these concerns and may be a useful resource.